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Roofing FAQs

What are the indicators that my roof has problems?

Carry out a visual inspection of your roof if possible. For tiled roofs, if you can see any cracked tiles, dislodged tiles or flaking/loose concrete then your roof could do with an inspection. For metal or colorbond roofs, rust or other discolouring or loose and lifted sheets could indicate your roof needs attention.

You should carry out an internal inspection to look for any signs of problems. Any discolouring of the ceiling could indicate a leak. The presence of mould may also indicate problems.

Obviously if it leaks inside when it rains then your roof needs attention.

What does a roof restoration involve?

At a very high level, a roof restoration involves the process of applying procedures to an older, tired roof to bring it back to as close to new condition as possible. Generally this means carrying out any repairs, a thorough clean, and then carrying out painting & coating procedures.

Should I have my roof replaced or restored?

Most roof restorations can have your roof back to near new condition and your home looking its best again. This can be done for a small percentage of the cost of a roof replacement.

Of course, if you are thinking of changing your roof material, i.e. from a tiled roof to a colorbond roof, a roof restoration will not help you. If this is the case, we strongly recommend you consult with us as there are many factors to take into consideration when changing a roof material.

Our specialists will help you through this decision making process.

How much can I expect to pay for a roof restoration?

Each roof restoration job varies and is particular to your circumstances and your requirements. Restorations can be typically carried out for a fraction of the cost of a new roof although there are some conditions which may affect the price; size of roof, roof condition and repairs required, cost of materials, site & roof accessibility, just to name a few.

Please be assured that if any of these conditions are found our expert roofers will discuss these with you.

How much does an inspection and quote cost?

We do free inspections and quotes and we don’t hold you to anything.

Okay, whats the next step?

Get in contact with us via your preferred method – we’ll get the ball rolling from there!

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